Tinplate Stamping

With press sizes from 18 to 45 tons we can manufacture a wide range of small metal stampings. Typical products include louvred metal cups for the reel industry, tinplate bases and lids for the cardboard tube industry, and components for badge making.

Tinplate Bases and Lids for Cardboard Tubes

We produce bases and lids that are used in the manufacturing of plastic and cardboard tubes. These tubes can often be found in the food industry being used for packaging or for poster storage and mail transportation. Tube ends and caps can be made to various styles depending on your required specifications and they also come in a range of sizes.

Louvred Metal Cups for 70lmc Cardboard Spools and Reels

Another speciality is the making of louvered metal cups that are used in the manufacturing of 70lmc cardboard spools and flange reels. These spools and reels can be found across many industries including wire and cable storage. The standard size for metal cups is 70mm, but we do have the capability to produce other sizes depending on your needs.

As with all of our tinplate stamping we can produce large orders as well as small. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Tinplate Cup Examples

stamped metal cups